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So here we have the complete supplement stacks for clean muscle gain program. This blog is all about that, what supplement stacks you are supposed to use for your clean muscle gain.

You should be more concerned about choosing the right supplement stacks at the time of your clean muscle gains. Mainly the questions come into your mind that at what time. which supplement stacks would be found better if you follow clean muscle gain program.

So at what time you should be more focusing on choosing right stack.

  1. Pre workout or Before workout.

2. Intra workout or During workout.

3. Post workout or After workout.

Pre-workout or Before workout :

If you already have pre-workout supplement in your stacks then you do not need to buy any other brand’s pre workout. You can add 1 scoop before 30 minutes of your workout. One supplement can also be used, along with your pre-workout supplement i.e. L-arginine.

You can add 500 mg L-arginine along with your pre-workout supplement. This will help you to increase your blood flow and will also give you an explosive pump in your muscles.

But make sure if your pre-workout supplement already contains L-arginine, nitric oxide or citrulline malate then you don’t need to buy this additional supplement separately. One thing more, if you are caffeine sensitive or that caffeine doesn’t suit you then i would suggest you to but caffeine free pre-workout supplement. And if you usually do your workout after 6 pm, then avoid taking caffeine filled supplements because you won’t be able sleep properly if you are taking it after 6 pm.

How to use :

1 scoop of pre workout add in 300-400 ml water or 1 scoop of pre workout with 500 mg arginine add in 400-500 ml of water.

Intra-workout or During workout :

We often make mistakes while choosing the intra-workout supplement stacks. Sometimes we only use pre workout supplement as an intra-workout but this is totally wrong step if you are working on a clean muscle gain.

You should add or choose BCAA (Branch chain amino acids) in your supplement stacks for your muscle pump and muscle repair at the same time. You won’t feel losing your muscle while doing your workout. BCAA’s contain important amino acids like leucine isoleucine and valine.

How to use :

5g scoop of BCAA, add in 500-700 ml water.

Post workout or After workout :

In your post workout supplement you have to use whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate. Doesn’t matter which brand you are using at that time. Sometime the question also arises how much protein we should use at a time, so the answer of this question i have written in my blog, you can visit over there.

But along with the whey protein you need add some additional supplement like :

1. Creatine Monohydrate : You need to add this in your whey protein after your workout. Add 3 grams of creatine in your 1-2 scoop of whey protein. Do not follow the instruction which is written over the package. 3 grams is more than enough for your body. You don’t need to load yourself as per the instructions.

2. Glutamine : It’s a non essential amino acid which your body produces itself. Add 5 grams of glutamine in your post workout shake or anything.

How to use :

Add 1-2 scoop whey protein in 500-700 ml of water with 3 grams of creatine and 5 grams of glutamine in it.

Now let’s talk about some additional supplement stacks which you should use in your daily life doesn’t matter if your are working out or not, just consume it on a daily basis.

1. Mutivitamin (any brand) : Essential for fulfilling the deficiencies of micro nutrients.

2. Omega 3 (any brand) : It is essential for your heart and brain functioning.

Two categories :

1. For vegetarian people : Flaxseed oil or in powder form.

2. For non vegetarian people : Fish oil.